I work out every morning. By 8am, latest, I'm at the gym. Last year I started working out at Performix House (80 5th Ave 2nd Floor, NYC; +1 646 553 6153) in Union Square with this amazing trainer, Angelo Grinceri — every morning he has a grueling workout session for me that lasts an hour. Then once a week I'll do some cryotherapy for recovery and BOOM!

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I just picked up the tactical camo leggings and shorts from Alyx's collaboration with Nike . Since I turned 30, I've been much more in tune with my body and skin and have started to take much better care of it. I won't tell you that my skin care regime is drinking lots of water, because I feel like that’s a cop out, but I have become a really big fan of Skinceuticals. I use their morning moisturizer and the one for the evening. I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert in skincare but their stuff is NEXT LEVEL and I can notice a difference in my own skin. And if I can notice it on myself, that means that other people can notice it too. I use their gentle cleanser to wash my face, their daily moisturizer in the morning for when I get out of the shower and their overnight moisturizer for when I go to bed. My skin can get a little oily so this helps keep it in check.