The Select Guest



Featured 3.20-3.26.17 | Sometimes the stars align and you find a person whose career choice and name make you stop and think: What came first? The career or the name? Enter Michelle McCool, uber-stylist and principle of McCool Style (her eponymous luxe personal shopping + styling site), trend spotter and visual and brand marketer. Michelle. McCool. See what's happening here? In fact, she is one of the coolest people I've ever met, and I promise you that while I heard the name before I met the woman, I wasn't predisposed. If anything I thought: how cool can she really be with a name like that? The answer is: extremely. And Michelle's brand of cool is the kind we all hope for — easy, joyful and accessible. Her laugh is infectious, her style always on point and her insights into the world of fashion are priceless — just what you'd expect from a European Historian and journalist-turned stylist. And just as you'd hope, her selects are nothing short of super cool.
Welcome to Michelle's week.