Ok, I know it’s been said before but I’m trying to wean myself off my devices a bit. That said, like everyone, I need to be in contact with a bunch of people throughout the day. But I use the returning of an email to check in on other things, like Instagram and Twitter. Having completed my film, I now have to run the social media account of the film as well which can be a little overwhelming. I tend to gravitate towards other filmmakers on Instagram. My friend, Richard Shepherd, who just wrote and directed The Perfection for Netflix, is really fun to follow. He is an encyclopedia of film and his top 15 films list at the end of the year is not to be missed. I also follow @colorpalette.cinema which is a cinematographer’s dream. Imagine your favorite film with an accompanying Benjamin Moore paint swatch strip. I get my mid-century modern furniture fix at @vandermostmodern. The photographer Cindy Sherman never disappoints with her posts. She is using digital photography in a way that you simply will not believe. @PrestonKonrad is perhaps the most stylish man in New York City and his account is a cheat sheet for men’s fashion, wellness, and beauty.

I am a slave to the New York Times crossword app. My mom, who is in California, and I use it to do the hardest puzzles of the week together, Friday and Saturday. It’s a really nice way for us to stay connected. And of course if you like the puzzle you’ll love Rex Parker’s crossword blogspot where he does a deep dive into each puzzle, with origin stories and etymology.

I have a virtual succulent garden. Yeah, you heard me. It’s an app called Viridi and it is very soothing and meditative. And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve nearly murdered my garden with neglect, but those hardy little suckers hang on. Sometimes it’s the only win I need for a day.

I subscribe to the New York Times because now is perhaps the most important time to have an independent press. That said, I do check in with other points of view as I think it’s important to know what the people you may not necessarily agree with are reading.