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meet | michelle toney & stephanie cleary

Featured 5.22-5.28.17 | I don't know about you, but bed is my favorite place on earth (unless I'm in Tulum, then beach takes bed's place). So I was beyond excited to meet Michelle Toney and Stephanie Cleary, the brilliant women behind Morrow Soft Goods, an LA-based specialty textile company. I know, that doesn't sound so cool, but what's amazing about Morrow — and these women — is that a) they design, manufacture and sell all of their goods; b) they are insanely passionate about design and quality (Steph actually won't buy something if the packaging isn't on point); c)  they are smart (Michelle taught architecture to Yale grad students at the ripe old age of 27); and d) their products are really, really that good. I mean, deliciously luxurious and, well, soft. They make bed the only place you want to be. Welcome to Michelle + Stephanie's week.