Lucky for us, in this day and age, it’s easy to find inspiration online and in print! Her New Tribe is a great blog that tackles both fashion and home. AJoural’s instagram is a rich collection of all things creative. The Gentlewoman magazine offers inspiring material from talented women in every field and The Plant gives us a fix of green — Imagine if high fashion and a gardening magazine had a baby! In terms of other social platforms, The Call Your Girlfriend Podcast is a favorite. There’s a delusion that if we ever met Amina or Ann (the brilliant hostesses) that we would immediately be friends. The podcast has definitely skewed more feminist and political in the new post-Trump world, and we’re all about it. On that note we’re also fangirls of the real life social club The Wing. This is one of those places we wished would exist in LA - but until then, we’ll keep buying their punchy pro-feminist merchandise and appreciating from afar.