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meet | natasha koifman

Featured 9.4-9.10.17 | As you must know by now, we love nothing more around here than a true Boss Babe. And as a New Yorker, I personally love nothing more than a true Boss Babe who has also made it her signature to wear only black. Yes, that's right. Only. Black. Clothing. All the time. So when I read about PR queen Natasha Koifman and her decision to go #nkallblackeverything, I knew had to learn more. So here's the deal: She was a journalist in New York for several years before starting her PR firm NKPR, which was the perfect platform for her to combine her two passions: shining a spotlight on stories of substance and supporting causes that are making a difference around the world (Her motto: "Don't Just Talk. Say Something" might be the greatest piece of writing I've ever experienced); She has worked with some crazy major brands (Mulberry, Kiehl's); and, since beginning her career, she's sworn by an all-black uniform which has landed her on the pages of Marie Claire, ELLE and Canadian Living. So you can see why I needed to get my hands on her selects. Now you have them, too. Welcome to Natasha's week.