Doing my part in doing good for the world motivates me. It’s inspiring to see people give back in their own way. Over the past nine years, I’ve had the opportunity to be on the board of Artists for Peace and Justice, a charitable organization founded by Paul Haggis. APJ believes in empowering the youth of Haiti through programs focused on education, healthcare and dignity through the arts. When youth are empowered through education, I truly believe they can make significant change. I’ve visited Haiti many times, but there was nothing quite like the experience of seeing the first-ever graduating high school class from The Academy of Peace and Justice.

The annual APJ Gala honors noted activists and artists who actively provide support to impoverished communities in Haiti.This year’s Peace and Justice Activism Award recipient is Jackson Browne, celebrating his lifetime of activism and commitment to peace and social justice both in Haiti and around the world. APJ will also present the inaugural APJ Canadian Changemaker award to Gary Slaight, honoring his work as a leading Canadian philanthropist committed to integrity and impact. I’m so excited to co-chair the event with my incredible and talented friend, Suzanne Boyd, for a night sharing stories of hope, change and inspiration.