I’m constantly on the go for work, traveling from meeting to meeting and different events. One of my favorite places to live and work is in New York, but there are so many other places I love to visit.

Los Angeles, Rome and Paris are some of my favorite destinations. Each city gives me inspiration in a different way.

I love L.A. for its vibe. Some of my favorite shopping is in L.A and I always stop by Maxfield when I'm there.  My favorite salad is in L.A. at the The Farm in Beverly Hills and my favorite hotel is the Beverly Wilshire

Hotel de Russie

Hotel de Russie

Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world to me. It's a city I could live in. It's also where I find some of the best vintage fashion. One of my favorite hotels in Rome is the Hotel de Russie located between the Spanish Steps and the Piazza del Popolo. 

Finally, when in Paris I recommend checking out the buzz of the Paris Flea Market, the art galleries and staying at the Hotel Costes.

Because I’m traveling often, I’ve learned a few packing tips. Since I literally only wear black, it's easy to pack light and I have found that Sympli is amazing for mixing and matching pieces. The fabric doesn’t wrinkle and you can get 12 outfits out of 6 pieces. I use Tumi luggage — it fits the most and lasts forever. 

And finally, I just got engaged to my love. Anthony Mantella. After the excitement and buzz of the Toronto Film Festival and #NKPRIT17, we’re taking a trip to Rome, Florence and Tuscany. We’ve been thinking about where we might want to get married. Some initial thoughts are a remote island somewhere … Perhaps we’ll get inspiration while we’re traveling. Any recommendations? We’d love to know!