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Photographs by  Kimberly Genevieve

Photographs by Kimberly Genevieve

meet | nathan turner

Featured 8.27-9.2.18| I first fell in love with Nathan Turner when I saw him on Bravo's much-missed reality show, Million Dollar Decorators (may that show forever rest in peace). As decorator Mary McDonald's BFF, Nathan's screen time was always refreshing and never enough. Cut to years later when a mutual friend suggested he might be a good fit for the site. It took all of one second to say yes and all of two to get him on the phone, where I learned he was even better in real life. Here's the deal:  A fourth generation Cali boy, Nathan's roots are firmly planted on the west (best) coast and his work as an interior designer and lifestyle expert reflects his laid-back yet meticulous American style. But perhaps the best part of his design ethos is that it's serious AF without being serious at all. In fact, he has an eye for creating spaces that are relaxed, inviting and perfectly perfect, while at the same time don't feel self-conscious or precious at all, making him a true design unicorn in my book. But that's not all there is to say about Nathan Turner. Not by a long shot. He's also a consummate entertainer, whipping up a the best guacamole you've ever had while you're not even looking; an author of not one but two incredible books (I dare you to pick up a copy of I Love California and not long for the idyllic landscapes he creates) and maybe one of the funniest people on this planet. And here's another truth: He's dreamy. His style is spot on and he's really, really cute. I guess what I'm telling you is that Nathan Turner is the whole package. And then some. Welcome to Nathan's week.