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Travel is such a big part of my career, so I have a ton of favorite travel essentials and tips. When it comes to flying I LOVE JetBlue! Their staff is so nice and they have great snacks. But before getting on the plane, I have some packing hacks I can't live without. Start with a durable suitcase like Tumi or Rimowa (Tumi has some great lighter weight options, like their Hard Side Spinner). Then stuff clothing into the purses and bags that you're packing. It saves space but also protects the handbags from getting crushed. A great thing to keep in mind when packing for long trips is to pack things that are versatile and can be mixed and matched. Pack items in a similar color hue so pieces can be worn together in different ways.

Apart from clothing, I always make sure to bring vitamins with me to make sure I'm keeping my body as healthy as possible. My vitamin essentials I take everywhere are dummies from Olly, especially Balanced Belly and Flawless Complexion. I also always pack a journal and a good book. Right now I'm about 3/4 of the way through my journal and I just started reading The Essential Rumi which I am very excited about!

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Traveling has taught me so much about humanity — different cultures, different foods and different traditions. I actually am working on a part of my website that will have all of the places I have gone, things I have done, dishes I've eaten, etc. My first post was about my travels to Singapore this year — be sure to check it out if you have not seen it yet! I have SO many destinations on my bucket list! The top for me right now though would probably have to be Greece. I am hoping to go soon — I love the sun and the beach, and the photos from Greece just look like heaven on Earth.