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When it comes to overall wellness, my number one secret is to drink as much water as possible every day — my personal goal is always a gallon a day. Staying hydrated is so important for your overall health, as well as your skin. I also love the hydrating benefits of coconut water (my favorite is Vita Coco). I also use moderation in my food choices and I try to make sure I stop eating when I feel full. I love a good Kreation green juice during the day, and some dark chocolate in the afternoon as a pick-me-up (or maybe even a pocketful of M&Ms!).

Along with hydrating, I try to work out as often as I can, but it can be pretty hard because I travel so much. I really like the Kayla Itsines app and trainings because they are hard, and are the perfect workout to do when you’re on the road in your hotel room. I also work out with a trainer at Heart & Hustle (8391 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles) here in LA, and I try to hit a few classes at FlyBarre and Orange Theory.

My skincare routine is all about making sure I am keeping my skin hydrated. Dry skin looks grey and dull, and you want to try and have that glow. This may sound crazy, but some mornings I don't wash my face in order to hang on to some of my natural oils.

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But when I do wash, I like using SK-II Miracle Water Facial Essence and then a spritz of Evian or Caudalie facial mist. I make sure to moisturize any chance I get — Charlotte Tilbury has a great moisturizer, and I also love Aquaphor when I'm really feeling dry. 

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My evening skincare routine is all about prepping my skin for the hours of sleep ahead. It is so important to wash your face and remove all makeup before going to bed. I love the Clarisonic brush for really making sure I'm getting deep into my pores and removing any traces of makeup.  After I wash my face I like to do a hydrating mask which helps to really soak into the skin. Some good options are Summer Fridays Jet Lag maskor I always love a good hydrating sheet mask! On days when I'm feeling like my face really needs a good pick up I like to do Hanacure’s All in One facial. It is so great for tightening the skin, and I always feel like I'm fresh and ready to take on the next day! And here's a good tip: Remember that your face ends at your clavicle and include your neckline in your skincare routine.

I try to find make up products that are not too suffocating for my skin, like Bare Minerals foundation and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Both have an SPF so I can protect my skin from the sun.