SPACE | Cheese Boards + DIY Wallpaper

I love home design. I mean really, REALLY love it. Someday I might be a decorator, but until then, I’ll have to be satisfied with my personal projects. And now I get to share them with you.

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It seems that Copper is the new black when it comes to home design, and I’m loving the trend! I’ve just switched out all of my flatware to this awesome design from West Elm  and my French Press has gotten so much more glam with Tom Dixon’s Brew Cafetiere

I LOVE cheese and my cheese board of choice for its simple design and modern feel is made by designer Tina Frey. It's a BPA-free resin large serving board and comes with a cheese spreader ($155) and is available in black and white. It makes for a beautiful display for your cheeses.  

But if you really want to jazz up your cheese presentation, the Marble Skull by Thomas Fuchs will do just that. 

I always wanted a gallery wall. You know, you see them lining the stairways of people's homes, or the walls of people's lofts, or on pinterest, and you're immediately envious of the attention to detail, the perfectly aligned matching frames. And then you admit that you'll never do it, because who has time to buy all of the frames, match up the photos, hang them all. It's exhausting. But you still want to showcase your pics. Enter the Frames Wallpaper from Graham & Brown, which allows you to get creative with your photos, artwork, drawings, postcards - anything and everything you might want on display. The frames look hand drawn and make the perfect unique gallery wall. I find using a reusable putty works best for hanging and being able to change photos and artwork out with no damage to the paper or the photo.