I buy something for my home pretty much everywhere I go. I’m obsessed with accessories — a habit which may need to be kicked soon, since I live in a tiny one-bedroom NYC apartment. I’m a sucker for rustic ceramics and anything bronze. Some favorite recent pieces are a brass tray from Rose + Fitzgereld, which we carry in my online retail shop, Stay. My apartment has two big windows and ton of light in the living room, and I have a wall of art that I have collected over the years. Included is a map of LA from the 60’s that I inherited from my dad, who  bought it on his first trip to the west when he was young. I have illustrated prints from my friend, the designer Mark Weaver, a sort of cubist painting I picked up in a Frankfurt thrift store when I lived in Germany, and a showstopping poster from my friend who does illustration and hand lettering, Brian Kaspr.

With such tight corners in my tiny SoHo apartment, it’s necessary to get a few key pieces custom made in order to maximize space. My best investments were my bronze and marble dining table/bar by Kent Steel Co and my built-in shelving by Mighty Mallet - both Brooklyn-based craftsmen.