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Here’s what’s on my packing list, regardless of where I’m traveling: my passport (usually — I’ve been known to forget it!), Master & Dynamic Headphones, a portable bluetooth speaker, a W&P Carry-On Cocktail Kit, a pair of socks, and my Bowie eye mask from Earthen Warrior. And always  a swimsuit! My most recent acquisition is the new cut from classic board shorts maker, Birdwell. I do my best to carry-on whenever I travel, which can admittedly be a challenge, but how great does it feel to correctly pack a week’s worth of clothes in one travel on bag? Hurrah!

Favorite destinations include Los Angeles, (I like to think I’m bicoastal, even though I don’t actually have an apartment on the West Coast), Paris and Mexico City. Mexico City for the food: A handful of my favorite restaurants are there, like Maximo Bistrot, Rosetta and Contra Mar. Paris for the shopping: Ami and Dries van Noten are must stops. Top on my list for 2018 are South Africa, Brazil, Portugal and Vietnam.