I’m a completely food-obsessed person, so asking me where I like to eat is a dangerous question! Have you got all day?

Lately, Badmaash (Multiple Locations) has been at the top of my list; it's a modern take on Indian cuisine in the Fairfax district. I dream about their Butter Chicken and Chili Cheese Naan, but seriously every dish I’ve had there is memorable. Their Tikka Masala Poutine has become an LA legend.

Another favorite spot of mine is We have Noodles on Sunset in Silver Lake (3827 W Sunset Blvd Suite C, Los Angeles; +1 323 284 8726). Their Crispy Duck Confit Khao Soi Noodles are next level delicious!

One of my favorite quintessential LA traditions is taking my sons to Dupars (Multiple Locations) in the Farmers’ Market for their legendary pancakes.They have been making them the same way since 1938. They are the fluffiest pancakes on earth and even come with melted butter on the side. It’s a special thing I do with my kids, and it’s become a fun tradition for us. I hope they will do the same with their own children one day.

I absolutely love to cook! I used to cook a lot more for pleasure before I had a family. I would take on a recipe that took me days to master. Now since I travel so much, when I get to be at home I mostly love to make comfort food. With that being said, I’d be lost in my kitchen without my Le Creuset braising pan. I make a lot of one-pot meals so it’s the perfect pot to both cook and serve in. I love the combination of form and function.

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A recipe that’s become a crowd pleaser is my White Bean and Smoked Ham Soup. My foster mom, Dana, taught how to make it and over the years I’ve added some of my own touches (I like to finish it with a garlic and rosemary infused olive oil and fried sage leaves). It’s the best for when it’s cold outside. I usually make it in the winter months when you want to feel cozy and warmed from the inside. Even our neighbors have adopted the recipe and make it in their homes. It’s so awesome when a dish has that effect on people you care about. I love food for that reason, the way it connects us.

My all time favorite food magazine is Saveur, I’ve been reading it since I was in my early 20s. A few years ago they posted a video on how to peel garlic by simply shaking the cloves in two metal bowls. It’s become my favorite kitchen hack — I’ll never peel garlic with my fingers again!

I cannot count the times that my day has been saved by Perky Jerky. It’s an artisanally made, grass fed organic beef jerky from a small company in Colorado. There’s never a time when it’s not in our pantry. I grab it when I have no time to eat or just as a snack because it’s so insanely delicious!

When it comes to cocktails, I’m a Manhattan girl all the way. It was my grandma Pearl’s signature drink so I’m keeping the tradition alive. My husband makes my favorite one of all time. He uses Bulliet Bourbon and we keep Italian Luxardo Cherries in our fridge at all times. The best part is when you get to the last sip and there’s that bourbon soaked cherry waiting for you at the bottom of your glass, it's absolute grown up heaven.