Exercise is something I love to do only when I don’t know that I’m doing it. Dance is my favorite way to get cardio. I may not be the greatest dancer but I really LOVE music so It’s what works for me.

I have become a huge fan of Pony Sweat (Multiple Locations). Their classes make me forget that I’m exercising because I’m having way too much fun to care. The instructors are amazing because they make it about expression rather than perfection, it’s really cathartic. I also love taking dance classes from @michellewinefitness at Gold’s in Hollywood (1016 Cole Avenue, Hollywood; +1 323 462 7012), African Dance at Heartbeat House in Atwater Village (3141 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 323 669 2821). Yoga at Wanderlust and hiking to the observatory in Griffith Park with my kids are my ways of staying sane. Nature is key to my mental health, especially in the crazy business I work in! Whatever will get me moving and out of my head I’m all about.

When it comes to workout clothes I’m really not that precious. I buy Joylab Yoga at Target or Outdoor Voices and I typically wear silly T-shirts I would never wear anywhere else. I’m a major Golden Girls fanatic so typically something involving one or all of them and my Nike running shoes.

I am a real skincare fanatic as you can imagine. I am sent a lot of products to try out, but tend to keep my personal routine pretty simple. I try not to carry too many products with me when I travel which is constantly, so this year when I discovered Venn Age Reverse All-In-One Concentrate I was completely floored! Venn, a small Korean brand out of San Francisco, has been a real game changer for my skin. It’s allowed me to streamline my skincare without sacrificing results. I also never fly without their Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Mask and my skin has never felt better. They only make two products and are both equally phenomenal.

Another can't live without product that has allowed me to tailor my routine are my Face Halo puffs. They remove all of my makeup without the need of cleanser, it’s a total miracle product!

The exfoliating mask created by my favorite NYC Facialist Tracie Martyn and her partner Darius. My kids love to tease me about my blue face because they see me with it on at least once a week but I don’t care, I’d be lost without it.

I am obsessed with the entire Infiore line but the Calme Face Oil is a lifesaver for me. I have very sensitive skin and anytime it feels reactive this product brings it right back to normal. The body balms are the most gorgeous decadent I've ever encountered.

I am a big fan of Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Baby Facial — it's unreal! The whole line is wonderful, I love the founder Tiffany Masterson's personal philosophy as well as her products being so unique. They are not just natural and free of toxins but really effective which is hard to find. 

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Oh yes makeup! Now this is where the shiz gets REAL LOL! As a makeup artist I am often overwhelmed with products so in my personal life I tend to edit ruthlessly!

As a working mom, I tend to gravitate toward multi-use products the most. Clinique makes these amazing Chubby Stick shadow tints for eyes that are amazing. They're an all-in-one eyeshadow and eye pencil and just so easy to use. I can do a very natural for work look or bump it up to a smokey eye in 5 minutes using just the pencil and my fingers!

Mascara is my desert island product, Sisley’s new SoVolume mascara is my latest obsession. It’s different than regular mascara in the sense that it’s also a luxe lash treatment as well. You get these amazing hydrating benefits while your wearing it all day, which for a person like with no time for my self, feels like a real treat! 

I adore RMS Beauty so much. Rose Marie Swift's philosophy, her non toxic products and especially her Living Luminizer! It’s always with me both in my personal life and my kit.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a lifesaver especially if I don’t have time to do my own makeup, it is always in my purse.

A red lipstick is my LBD for my face. Lately I’ve been rocking “Elson" by Pat McGrath. The color and packaging sets my soul on fire!

I was introduced to "This Works" Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by a friend when I was suffering from jet lag last summer in Australia. I spray it on my sheets and pillows every night before bed. It immediately helps me shift from my hectic day into sleep mode.

I LOVE Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Hair Perfector. I put it on before bed and wash it our the next morning and it makes my hair feel healthy but not weighed down. It’s lightweight formula is especially great for my fine hair!

Most of the time I don’t eat a balanced diet because I’m in hotel rooms or airplanes so much of the year. My husband started sending me on trips with a powder called Athletic Greens when I was pregnant with our first son and I have loved it ever since. It’s made with all organic products in New Zealand and helps me maintain a balanced diet no matter where I am.