Lingua Franca started as a hobby to help me deal with my postpartum anxiety. Since making money was never the point or goal, when we realized we were growing into an actual company, we decided from the start that giving back should be built into everything we do. So far, we’ve raised over $500,000 for various organizations, ranging from saving the environment to women’s rights and education. My world has been opened up to so many beautiful people who are truly taking care of the world’s problems. It is impossible to pick a favorite charity to highlight, but some that I’ve become more involved with personally include She Should Run, The Lower East Side Girls Club, Every Mother Counts, Surfrider, A Walk on Water, Voto Latino (DACA), Alliance for Quality Educatio , Girls Who Code, All Star Code and United for Libraries

When we opened our store last fall, we decided to highlight one charity each month. With that we donate 10% of all in-store sales to that charity. Last month we sent over $10k to Voto Latino to go directly to the legal fees for DACA recipients. This month, we are sending to the Alliance for Quality Education. Stitching meaningful words that resonate with specific causes and also give back in a concrete way to these causes has made me personally feel less helpless and hopeless during these uncertain times.