For me, wellness starts with a good facial from Georgia Louise in New York, in fact I would say that the one major thing I miss about living in NYC is being able to see her regularly. Luckily she comes to LA frequently, and when I travel to NYC I make sure to get my fix of her beautiful Atelier. She has absolutely transformed by skin through her genius treatments and the bespoke skin care regimen she has created for me.

In terms of skincare products, I am obsessed with Dr. Barbara Sturm, especially her line for darker skin tones, which has been game changing for me. I also love Biologique Recherche's Lotion p50 which is a cult fave, Le Grand Serum and Creme Vernix. I also always travel with Georgia Louise's Butterfly Massage Stone, PH Perfecting Cleanser and Rose Face Water.

I was recently introduced to Marina Baratashvili who is a NYC-based massage therapist, but she is truly so much more than that. She has worked with the Bolshoi Ballet Company as their resident masseuse, and she understands how to reactivate muscle memory and totally transform your body from a medical level. Luckily she comes to LA as well, one week with her and you are a BRAND NEW PERSON. 

Living in LA is amazing because hiking has become a part of our lives, especially living next to Griffith Park and having a dog! Hikes are a wonderful way to clear my head, be in nature and spend time with my family.