The Select Guest



Featured 12.18-12.24.17If you’ve delved into the Internet world of fashion, you’ve most definitely heard of Ramya Giangola, a self-proclaimed fan of The Beatles and exceptionally spicy foods, and the woman behind @gogoluxe. She’s graced the pages of every cool-girl publication from ManRepeller to The Coveteur, and this week, you’re in luck, because she’s joining the ranks of The Select Guests. Here’s the deal: This woman is always two steps ahead of the rest of us, with expert knowledge in every category we love from fashion and design to food and architecture, so of course, she serves as an official mentor with the CDFA Fashion Incubator panel and on the expert committee with DHL and IMG for its emerging talent program, DHL Exported, so to say she has a finger on the pulse of all things tomorrow is an understatement. And if all of this wasn’t enough, she’s also forayed her on-the-ground knowledge as an influencer and trend-predictor into her business, Gogoluxe, a wildly successful creative marketing and brand building agency. This mid-century art and architecture lover has us in the palm of her hand. Can’t you just tell that her Selects are going to be amazing?
Welcome to Ramya’s week.