For exercise, my first love and favorite work out would be Ashtanga Yoga, followed by running, swimming, paddleboarding and lastly, spinning (especially when snowing and I am in NYC). I’ve been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for 20 years and love the challenge it brings — it's an intense sweat that  get the heart rate up and makes me physically and mentally stronger. When I'm training for my annual half marathon if I don’t do Ashtanga Yoga, my time suffers greatly due to the intensity of the practice. It helps build my stamina, endurance, mental endurance and focus. It’s also extremely humbling because of the nature of practice. Much like karate, you can only advance levels when your teacher tells you. Sometimes, you’ll fall flat on your face (literally) out of a handstand or other awkward arm balance, and then some postures I simply can’t do. Do to the nature of my work, with some calls at 6 am or even 9 pm, the kids schedules, and the limited amount of Ashtanga classes (usually taught only from 6-9 am) I added running to my workout. My father was an avid runner and would run a 12K daily barefoot on the beach. Sometimes I imagine he’s running next to me. I also love being outdoors and next to the ocean. My motivation comes from consistently needing mental clarity. I love the rush of a solid workout. I love the lightness in my head I get when I am pushing myself. I also use it as an energetic place where I will the universe to help me with my goals. For example, if I am fundraising I’ll run 8 instead of 6 miles, or I’ll hold an arm balance longer than usual, and say, If I can do this, then I can do anything.

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It’s so amazing there are such incredible and fashion forward brands out there now. When I was a young adult I loaded up on Brazilian workout clothes (along with bikinis!) when I went home to visit my family. I felt like in the U.S. nothing fit and was not made for my body. Now, I wear Onzie, Noli and Outdoor Voices. I have a few pieces from Lululemon I wear, but whatever it is it must be light since the sweat from practice (yoga or otherwise) is so heavy! For running, I’ll wear Saucony shorts, a light sports bra, and currently Nike running shoes. But whatever I'm wearing it’s bright and light. 

For beauty I use Tata Harper's Regenerating Cleanser, Ren Skin Care Retinoid Anti Aging Serum and Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Crème! For a light cover I use the Kiehl’s tinted sunscreen and for blush Eco Lips Cheeks and Lips Color. When I use Mascara, you can’t go wrong with Dior Black Out, and for pouty, shiny lips, Dior Gloss.

To keep healthy the number one contributor is most certainly a solid, diverse diet with some healthy fats, including, you guessed it, Ghee! I also have an Ayurvedic powder I make with rose water and wear almost daily. In fact, I will wear on early calls and it helps manage my facial expressions (since you can’t move your face) and ultimately, makes you aware of how you’re really feeling. After all, sometimes we are making expressions we aren’t aware of and this makes you aware. It’s oddly effective. When it comes to my hair, I just keep it short, wash it every other day, soak it in a combo of ghee and coconut oil about once a quarter and do lots of head stands. They say head stands actually trigger hair growth. Who knew?

In order to sleep properly, I try to work out in the AM, which helps. I also do Cryotherapy and Infrared Thermal sauna to keep me balanced. Due to my fast-paced and travel induced lifestyle, I’ll often feel pulled in a thousand directions. Going into the sauna grounds me and the sweat gives a great detox. Then I’ll dip into Cryo and feel like a new person again. Not to mention it’s known to help with insomnia, migraines and other health issues. I suffer from Hypothryoidism and test positive for ANA, so stress has a physical response on me, in that I get visible inflammation. This process essentially cures me and helps me get my very necessary z’s.