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Well, when I get up the courage to start working out again post-baby, my go-tos where I see results really quickly are the barre classes at Physique 57 and Yoga with Annie at The Shala in Fort Greene (83 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn). Physique is hands down for the results. It’s hard but you can't beat how quickly you see progress. The Yoga is practically therapy along with the workout, that Annie is so wise. 

I quit cleanses.  I am Jewish though. so occasions like Yom Kippur fasting or Passover are important exercises in mindfulness, which sometimes gets lost in this on-demand eating culture. 



Choosing beauty products is tough for me. I have so many favorites. I can't live without my serum. Really. I know it sounds self-promotional, but I developed the serum from a place of true desperation: After I had my first son, my skin was so sensitized it was literally tearing. Gross and painful. I tried everything from La Mer to Aquaphor and it was all just sitting on my face. I got to talking to this incredible woman at the Brooklyn Flea who makes these beautiful soaps and candles, and we were dishing on ingredients. I had researched squalene but didn't know how to get my hands on a high concentration of it. She made me a batch of serum and my skin did a 180.  Squalene is bioidentical to your skin's natural moisture so it soaks in and heals from within as opposed to sitting on top in an occlusive layer. I figured if it worked so beautifully for me, when I opened my own shop, we could slap a label on it and use it on our clients at Rouge. I have no interest in my own product line but if I am able to make this product at such a low cost that can completely revolutionize skin like mine, I want people to know about it.

Other stuff I'm loving right now: I LOVE the new SuperGoop Defense Refresh Mist for sunscreen reapplication throughout the day without messing up your makeup. I was just in Paris and bought a bunch of colored mascaras which is a fun, simple way to make a statement.  Match your mascara to your outfit, a bit of tinted moisturizer and a lip and you are ready to go!

I also can't live without Julie Hewett Femme Noir. It's the ULTIMATE red lipstick.  I have yet to find a face it doesn't work on.  And Lipstick Queen in Hello Sailor —  it's blue in the tube and goes on a dusty rose.  Not like mood lipstick.  Just FUN. 

I am also addicted to making my own lipsticks at the Bespoke Beauty Bar at our uptown location.  We burn through the inventory just whipping up lipsticks and glosses in every shade and texture.