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Featured 10.10- 10.16 | Who doesn't love a good meet cute, especially when it includes two incredibly connected, smart, beautiful and powerful women? Aliza Zelin Neidich and Alissa Jacob, owners of Reservoir, the wildly fashionable store (and website) in Los Angeles, have known each other for 29 years. They grew up in the same apartment building in NYC and were introduced on their way to preschool at the age of two. They went through high school together, separated for college and then moved out West (side note: this is my dream) within 2 years of one another. Oh! And in addition to their names being similar, both of their mothers' names are Linda, and their fathers are Barry and Gary. So if you didn't believe in fate before you read this, I hope you do now. But the real story of their success is Aliza's background in fashion plus Alissa's in marketing adding up to one ridiculously cool concept. Reservoir is truly one-stop shopping for everything cool you could ever want from fashion to home, and their selects provide a great window into what these two beauties love right now. Welcome to Alissa + Aliza's week.