Athletic Propulsion Labs sneakers. We just started selling these in-store and they're the most comfortable workout shoes we've ever owned. They're super cute without looking too "fashiony," and they're actually made for performance: They're the first ever shoe to be banned by the NBA for its technology that provides an unfair jumping advantage. (#score).

Beyond Yoga Pants. We both became fan of this brand after we picked it up for Spring - their leggings are super soft while making sure everything stays in place during a workout. Their high-waisted styles are our favorite for pairing with cute matching sports bras. 

S'well Water Bottles. It's so much easier to stay hydrated when your water bottle looks as good as S'well's do! We picked up select styles at Reservoir, with a range featuring metallics, marble and palm-print bottles. 

Fur. This product was actually developed by fellow alumni of our high-school, and we couldn't be prouder. Fur is the first line of products specifically formulated for pubic hair. The small chic bottle contains oil that leads to softer skin, hair, and a reduction in ingrowns.  It smells amazing and is safe to use on the most sensitive skin. 

638 1/2 North Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood
+310 929 2229
Our good friend Dr. Nancy Samolitis co-founded this very chic dermatology office / spa / beauty boutique, all rolled into one. They offer everything from peels to lasers, fillers, wrinkle injections -  you name it - all in their beautiful space on Robertson. Go for the facials, stay for the design porn. 

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