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Featured 5.7-5.13.18 | It's no  secret that clean beauty is the biggest thing to hit the industry since Oil of Olay. But how often is it being served up by a super cute Frenchman who started his career in the tech industry and literally fell into the beauty biz to help a friend in need? The answer is, not very. Enter Romain Gaillard, a welcome addition to the bunch, because, let's face it: French accent. All kidding aside, though, Romain made the decision to go green somewhat accidentally in 2008 when he helped launch the totally preservative-free skincare line, Odacité, with close friend and breast cancer survivor, Valerie Grandury.  But what started out as a side hustle, quickly turned into a thriving business, and two years later when he saw an opening in the market, he took it, and set up his first pop-up in Venice Beach. The Detox Market is now one of the largest purveyors of green, with shops in LA and Toronto and soon, NYC. And while it might seem surprising that this Parisian-born, beach-loving globetrotter (he has family across 4 continents and has traveled to Morocco 50+ times) has found himself at home in LA, doing very LA things, we're glad he did. Because France's loss, is our gain. Bienvenue à Romain's week.