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Featured 1.30-2.5.17  | A wise man once told me that work should never feel like a job, and while it's sage advice, it's not always such an easy thing to achieve. But for Romy Devack, the launch of her jewelry line, SINCERELY, was such a labor of love that there hasn't been a minute spent feeling any thing but gratitude, pride and joy each and every day. Devack, who lives in LA by way of Florida, was a competitive equestrian for 10 years but left the ring to pursue her dreams of being a stylist. In 2014, she lost her father to cancer and that's when everything changed: styling felt too unstable and too unfulfilling and she wanted to slow down and regroup. And as happens, the pause led her to find her truth with SINCERELY, the genesis of which was the intention to tattoo her father's signature somewhere on her body. That idea was shot down (by her mother, natch), and so it was decided that a symbolic piece of jewelry would do the job of keeping him close. Turns out, though, that's not so easy to find, so she did what she does best: she created it. Boom. 
Welcome to Romy's week.