Having worked in the fitness industry for so many years, my beauty routine is pretty sweat-proof at this point. These are my staples.

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When it comes to workouts, of course nothing rivals Flywheel. While I am a huge proponent of variety in working out, indoor cycling has been my mainstay for almost 20 years. Not only has it allowed me to wear the same jean size since high school, my quads have never bulked and it is the healthiest mood elevator I could ever imagine!  With our proprietary technology, indoor cycling finally achieves results like no other cycling class I have ever experienced.

I was recently introduced to Skin Laundry and started using their products and I am hooked.  From the cleansing gel, to the toner to the moisturizer — it’s a simple regime and it leaves my skin clean and glowing. 

I’m also in love with my Cargo lipstick in Dubai. It’s a natural color with a pink undertone that I wear everyday. 

Since I’m sweating on a bike every day, I am also a huge fan of the Armani Waterproof Mascara .  It never smudges and lasts all day.