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Featured 11.20-11.26.17 | Ryan Zimmerman and I have something pretty important in common: We both unabashedly admit to being Beliebers. That's right. Justin Bieber brought the two of us together, and I'll have to thank him the next time we hang, because Zimmerman gives me street cred. The owner of the fashion lifestyle brand Arzee, which he launched in 2016 after years of working at Coach in product development, Zimmerman's style is decidedly urban with a side of positive vibes. Not surprising since the Native New Yorker made it his goal to portray a bit of New York culture in each piece he creates, from hand-painted denim to perfectly luxe sweats. His work is also informed by his travels, the years he spent living in Tel Aviv and the inspiration he gained from his late father, Kenneth Zimmerman, who was the founder of the mega fashion brand Kenar. So while it might have been Bieber that connected us, I'd say I might just be a bigger RZ fan now. Welcome to Ryan's week.