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Photographs by  Paul Costello

Photographs by Paul Costello


Featured 5.20-5.26.19 | She writes (lifestyle mostly, sometimes books). She designs (full service interiors that will knock your socks off and a DIY program that might even trick you into believing you’re just that talented). She makes fashion (her own small batch clothing label chock full of dresses that will make you look as effortlessly chic as she does). She parents (to three kids. Not easy). She farms (she has nine chickens and a cat named Sparkly). She procrastinates (she said it, not me. But she manages to get it all done anyway). What’s my point? My point is that Sara Ruffin Costello is the whole package. And then some. Here’s the story: A New York native, the former Domino Creative Director and her photog husband, Paul Costello, decided to switch things up when the magazine folded in its first incarnation (raise your hand if you almost ended things when that happened. Same). Packing their stuff and their kids and leaving the Big Apple for the Big Easy might feel like a move out of sorts for an uber-NYC existence, but, as they say, home is where the heart is, and her heart moved south fast, straight into a pink house in the middle of New Orleans. So with her weakness for wicker (yes, it’s a thing) she took her new city by serious storm and turned her world there into one that allows this true beauty to live life at a more relaxed, more creative pace. We want in, and so will you. Welcome to Sara’s week.