1. I’m always inspired by people who are self sustaining.  I’m a black thumb but learning. My husband Paul is a more intuitive gardener since he grew up making wine in Napa. We have chickens, fresh eggs and a small garden plot so we pull whatever is growing and experiment — Paul makes habaneros, scotch bonnet and ghost pepper hot sauce, keto egg sandwiches, sautéed collard greens (they grow beautifully in Louisiana and look super sculptural. Plus they are like the healthiest dark leafy green out there).

We support GROW DAT.

2. I don’t like to start the day with emails because they get me wildly off track. Instead I read a little stoic philosophy, either  Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. Stoicism is an action-oriented philosophy that reminds me how to be every day. Stoicism is how Nelson Mandela turned 27 years in prison into a blessing.  

3. Dance parties. I’m on the board of Court 13 whose mission is to grow and sustain the cinema culture of New Orleans, Louisiana and to celebrate radical artmaking across disciplines. To raise money for initiatives we do a lot of dance parties, film screenings and immersive dinners.

4. Preservation Hall is one reason to stay in New Orleans, especially during jazz fest when Midnight Preserves is activated. I had one of my top five nights in New Orleans there watching Alabama Shakes do the most incredible show, followed by a courtyard dance party till 4 a.m. Ben Jaffe’s vision to take a dusty jazz joint and repurpose it for today and the future and make it relevant has us all inspired. We support their foundation.