1. I am extremely preoccupied with my Delta status. If you have it, then you know what I mean. My travel plans are centered around building towards diamond status.

2. In my flight bag are: Ogee lip gloss sticks, clean white fuzzy socks and headphones — my teenage son outfitted me with Sony Pro 7506 sound monitor headphones. Film editors use them. You will be stopped by a small club of film industry insiders if you are seen wearing these on a flight.

3. NoLa happens to be an amazing city to live in as well as stay-cate. I am designing a breezy new spot called the Hotel Chloe which opens in 2019. I adore the new Hotel Peter and Paul (2317 Burgundy Street, New Orleans; +1 504 356 5200) as well as my own church which has a few rooms available.

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4. Travel resources.  I love to look at Indagare and Prior Travels’ website, and weirdly Airbnb magazine has given me a ton of ideas for travel.

5. Design hotels. The Amangiri (1 Kayenta Road, Canyon Point, UT; +1 435 675 3999) was a great one and I’m planning on a trip to Ett Hem (Sköldungagatan 2, 114 27 Stockholm; +46 8 20 05 90) and Dan’s Earthship and Greenhouse in New Mexico.