This is the most MOTIVATED I have ever been on a Monday in my life! Words are a start, but this year we must act to unite in support of critical organizations like Planned Parenthood and Moms Demand Action.

Planned Parenthood has been going strong for 100 years. It is critical that women have somewhere to turn for both heath education and care. Planned Parenthood is the solution, not the problem and we must both protect and keep building this crucial resource. 

Moms Demand Action is a younger movement with a mission to end gun violence and build safer communities. Moms Demand Action was created in 2012 after Sandy Hook by Shannon Watts to demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions to establish common-sense gun reforms. As a human and a mother with two children in the Connecticut Public School system not far from Sandy Hook, I am so grateful to activists like Shannon Watts, Julianne Moore and Sarah Wynter for their leadership. 

I've been involved with GOOD+ Foundation since 2007. It's an outstanding charity that was  founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001. GOOD+ started locally in NYC and now donates 20 million items to families in need across the country. The simple grassroots ideas are always the best. This Foundation was created when Jessica became a mother and saw how hard it can be even WITH all of the basic gear you need. As an activist, she immediately found solutions to get other mothers the critical gear they need to keep their babies healthy and safe.

I'm also just starting to get involved with The Family Center whose mission is to empower families and communities to realize their potential. Their preschools, health centers and parental education and adolescent counseling services give families the resources they need to thrive. Family Center’s network of counseling and support services help families in crisis work toward a successful resolution.  Vocational training, housing resources, counseling and self sufficiency programs also help low-income families, those with chronic mental illness and senior citizens gain independence.