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Since 1999, I have been going to see my beloved Louis Angelo at Julien Farel NYC (540 Park Ave, New York City, +1 212 888 8988) for haircuts. He took me from my long “Kappa Kappa Gamma” locks to my current messy-spikey-short hair. Back then, he told me my hair did not match my style and he could fix it. Louis always tells the truth and will let you come at weird times if you are desperate.

Drunk Elephant Skincare has been my easiest, best skincare solution to date. And now everything comes in carry-on travel size. I actually bought it originally because I love the neon packaging. But it works! Their newest product, the Sukari Baby Facial, is a dream.


I went to get my face painted at the beauty salon Rouge on Thompson Street in Soho for a photo shoot in November. I was so much happier with the pictures! I realized I had been so thoughtful styling my looks, but put minimal effort into my face. In my mind, professional makeup was decadent and expensive. But Rouge is fast and affordable and photos are forever!

I took my daughter to Valley Nails on Elizabeth Street for her birthday in October, and now, it’s all or nothing. I either do my own nails or absolutely go for it with full-on nail art like a rockstar. It's the most fun accessory. Every teen to grandmother wants to chat about it. And it lasts three weeks!