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Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 1.14-1.20.19 | OK, we’ll admit it: Yoga has never been our thing. The ommm-ing, the chanting, the seriousness of it just never took. But that was before we met Sarah Larson Levey, the motherf*cking genius who built a brand that taught us that yoga doesn’t have to be about zen’ing out — it can actually be an opportunity to turn it way the F up. If this sounds insane to you, we get it, but please trust us. Because while Levey’s Y7 Yoga studios may not offer your hippie aunt’s version of meditation, what they do offer is an interpretation of the practice that includes dark rooms, candlelight, a whole lot of sweat (they use infrared heat) and, maybe most importantly, hip hop. Yes, hip hop (oh hey, Gucci Mane and L’il Wayne), and it’s totally changed the way we think about the flow (Downward Dog to Dr Dre? Yes, please). And while the concept was born from the ennui a 26-year-old Levey felt when she first started taking traditional yoga classes, it has grown into something much bigger than just another group fitness class — Levey has created a movement that includes changing the world via Freedom Flow, her charity whose mission is to bring yoga and its teachings to underserved communities. And we thank her from the bottom of our chakras. Welcome to Sarah’s week.