My favorite instagram accounts are:
@celestebarber. She's a hilarious comedian who takes fashion and beauty photos of famous people and then recreates them with her own twisted slant as an unglamorous mom living in real life. Her posts make me laugh and remind me that behind every airbrushed, photoshopped selfie is a real person living a messy existence just like the rest of us. Celeste just takes it to another level of humor. 

I also love the instagram account of the British jewelry company Bentley and Skinner @bentley_skinner. They deal in spectacular vintage pieces and are by appointment to the Queen. They have a gorgeous collection of whimsical bee and insect brooches. My favorites are the butterflies, and if tiaras ever come back I'm going to save up and get one of theirs. 

Another favorite is @Ifyouhigh, which is a great one for me to show my boys. It's a collection of videos that show fundamentally basic physics principals in a fun way. Very visual and clever. They post all of these optical wonders and basic activities in ultra slow motion. You can watch forever and be amazed by every post. If my boys get antsy in a restaurant I can whip their Instagram feed out and they are happily occupied until the food arrives.