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I've been a lover of bronze sculpture forever and my favorite is Henry Moore. I would love to own one at some point. Even a little one for my desk.

My favorite room would be my office. I can spend quiet time reading scripts or writing letters. 
A few years ago I color coordinated my books. I have quite a few and a friend said it would be a great idea to showcase them in a fun way. Well now I'm obsessed with it and it makes me happy seeing them all there in pretty colors. Although I can be a little nutty if one is put back in the wrong color section — I can't relax until it is in its proper place. 
The chair in the corner was found when I lived in LA on the street. Painted black and recovered with a fun yellow and white striped fabric. I love it. 
I also love sitting at my window-facing desk which I bought at an auction in LA. It was part of a set collection from the movie Mulholland Falls which was set in the 1950's. Movie studios only have so much storage space so they auction a lot of stuff off after shooting is complete. I also have some letters on a pin board from directors or other actors over the years. And my Screen Actors Guild Award Nomination certificate.