The Select Guest



Featured 4.3-4.9.17 | I first fell in love with Sarah Wynter back in 2003 when she played Kate Warner on my then-favorite show, 24 (go ahead — pretend you didn't love Jack Bauer. I dare you). And she kept showing up on all of my favorite shows: Damages, Californication, The Good Wife, Goliath. And finally, she showed up in a close friend's Instagram feed, and I knew it was meant to be. I jumped at the chance to be set up with her, and on our first "date" we drank summer drinks in the middle of a snowstorm and spilled our life stories to each other. Because Sarah is that girl: the gorgeous one who lives big, laughs hard and makes you feel like you're standing in the sun. She's also a fierce activist and proponent of Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a maniacal crossworder, a Lego aficionado and a bit of a germaphobe (yes, she wipes down every surface before sitting in ANY plane seat, which I'm actually extremely envious of).  Yep, this Australian-born, mom of three (boys!) is the whole package. Welcome to Sarah's week.