The Select Guest

Photographs by  Wendy Cassidy

Photographs by Wendy Cassidy


Featured 11.26-12.2.18 | Consider this week our love letter to Southern California. Because after spending even a nanosecond there, you can’t help but feel a little looser, a little more relaxed, a little more laid back, right? And here’s the other thing: You can dress better when you’re in California. In fact west coast women just look so damn good. All the time. Perfectly lived-in t-shirts, artfully embroidered maxi dresses and buttery leather jackets — it’s effortless, boho chic at its very best. So what’s a girl to do? Move to California? Yes. Someday. But for now, here’s the next best thing to being a Cali girl yourself: Sari Sloane, founder of  The Westside (ICYMI, it’s the luxury fashion boutique specializing in curating the Cali-inspired closet of your dreams). And let’s be real, if there’s *anyone* with the laurels to help you nail a look it’s Sari, who after working as a buyer at Bergdorf’s and starting her own clothing line, went on to spend 15 years as the fashion director for Intermix before opening up her laid-back luxe boutiques. We spent a week in Sloane’s fuzzy Birkenstocks getting acquainted with this momtrepreneur’s impeccable taste and we apologize to your wallet in advance. Welcome to Sari’s week.