The Select Guest



Featured 11.14-11.20 | Take a look at Eskayel, the design company by Brooklyn-based artist Shanan Campanaro, and what you’ll see is a portfolio of painterly (and eco-friendly) wall coverings, fabrics, carpets, accessories and home furnishings that are reminiscent of the sea (where much of her inspo is derived) with a little Rorschach test thrown in. Created with digitally manipulated sections of her watercolor paintings, I first spotted the wallpapers at a furniture fair in 2010 and swore then that if I ever had the opportunity, I would design an entire house around her work. Years later I did just that, and the results were staggering: delicate and subtle spaces that soothe the soul and reenergize the mind. And Shanan is quite an inspiration herself: equal parts laid-back surfer chick and ethereal hippie, her wanderlust informs much of her work, taking anyone who inhabits her spaces on a journey. All this to say she is one of the most interesting and talented people I’ve come across, and her selects reflect her lifestyle. Welcome to Shanan’s week.