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Featured 7.16-7.22.18| Nothing says summer like the perfectly air-dried beachy wave. Except, does it really exist? If you’re Shelby Wild, the answer is yes, absolutely. And not just because she’s the quintessential California Girl (via New Orleans) or that her name is perfectly suited to the laid-back Venice Beach lifestyle she’s created for herself. The answer is yes because she’s the brains behind Playa, the beachiest of all hair care lines out there. Here’s how it happened: Wild, a former fashion stylist (Italian Vogue and Intermix) and the daughter of a scientist, took a look at her life (too fast-paced, too New York) and her medicine cabinet (too chaotic, too overwhelming) and decided that she needed to hit the reset button on both. So she did what any surfer-slash-herbalist-slash-nature lover would do, and she packed her bags (and her Fleetwood Mac collection) and headed West to SoCal where she spent mornings floating in the Pacific and the rest of the day dreaming up a way to create an equally pared down, multi-purpose line of haircare products that would do the most in the least amount of time. Needless to say, she hit the nail on the (salty-haired) head, and not only is Playa a favorite amongst the Endless Summer cognoscenti, but it’s the start of a revolution in low-maintenance locks that marry beach hair and bed head in the best possible way. So grab your towel and  your sunscreen ‘cause this girl has created sunshine in a bottle. Welcome to Shelby’s week.