The Select Guest

Photographs by  Kimberly Genevieve

Photographs by Kimberly Genevieve


Featured 12.31-1.6.19 | In this day and age, it’s not so easy to be inspired by a 24-year-old, but here we are, feeling all warm, fuzzy and woke by being in the presence of Sophia Esperanza, the only (yup, 24-year-old) actress and model we’ve come across who adds “vegan” as a descriptor to her title (vegan actress and model) and spends her days working her ass off for animal rights, environmental issues and making sure consumers are educated when it comes to the choices they’re making in their fashion and beauty purchases. In fact, the Texas-born, Mexican-French stunner is full of surprises. With 3.2 million (MILLION!) followers on Instagram, and a beauty that is so striking it’s hard to believe how deep it runs, it would be easy for Sophia to sit back, snap a few pics and call it a day, but that’s not at all how this girl rolls. Nope. Instead she uses her platform for good — really good — by making sure her followers are enlightened, aware and informed, and by focusing on authenticity and positivity at every turn (she famously underwent surgery in November to remove her breast implants, and talked about it candidly on her YouTube channel, making her one of the most honest humans we’ve met). She loves her cats, humidity, lemons and dancing (she built a dance studio in her apartment — if that doesn’t scream joy, we don’t know what does) and her motto: Do what makes you happy, just make sure it’s for yourself, is how we’re planning to live in 2019.
Welcome to Sophia’s week.