I used to battle with terrible skin from ages 13-20. Cystic acne ruled my life, and I was on a mission to fix it. I remember the day I stopped eating dairy; I told myself this was my ‘last shot’ before trying Accutane. I never had to try Accutane, because that was the start of the end of my cystic acne. As soon as it cleared, I started to take care of myself through and through. Drinking lots of water, minimizing processed foods and sugars, exercising four to five days a week and using gentle face products are what make my world go round. I love to sit in saunas to open up my pores and detox my skin. If you don’t have a sauna, I LOVE Formulary 55 steam treatments.  Finishing it off with a cold shower and organic witch hazel facial toner closes the pores back up.

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I’m currently using Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel toner. Since witch hazel is also a drying agent, I like to moisturize right after! Two moisturizers that I love are from Mad Hippie and Graydon Skincare.

Now onto my absolute favorite chapstick/light lip gloss. I want to eat it, it smells so good. I keep one of my Hurraw! tinted lip balms practically in each room in my house and panic if I can’t find it.

I like to leave the house on a regular day with moisturized skin, chapstick, under-eye concealer and face mist. The Cover FX Cover Click is easy to tote around, it’s so teenie. The Herbivore Rose face mist is so incredible. I bring it with me on long days to give my skin a little pick me up!

I love to do free weight exercises for my arms, slow/controlled ab routines and lunge variations for my lower body. One of my favorite workouts to do is with a resistance band. Standing glute kickbacks are incredible for building the booty! I like to do 50 reps on each side (25 at a time).

Ankle weights are also incredible. Creating a floor workout using booty lifts, rainbows and leg curls while wearing ankle weights is surprisingly one of the most effective routines I’ve ever used.

I like to workout in gear that is lightweight. The worst feeling for me is being insulated when I’m hot and sweating. Currently loving Monreal London.