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Featured 2.26-3.4.18If you don’t know musician Sophie Simmons from her starring role in Family Jewels, the reality show that profiled her family and their love of music, fear not – you’re going to get to know her now. The daughter of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and actress Shannon Tweed, she has the pedigree and cool girl rocker aesthetic that’s as much a culmination of her parents’ infamous vibe as it is a true reinvention of it. But she also has the voice, and with Black Mirror (yes, that Black Mirror: the song was imagined after Sophie watched the show and realized how unhealthy our collective relationship to technology is), the single she just dropped, she’s poised to take over the music scene for sure. Her lyrics are deep and self-reflective, her voice is silk and her intentions are clear: to impact and connect people through her music. She’s definitely had an impact on us, and we think you’ll feel it, too. Welcome to Sophie’s week.