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meet | stacey caldwell

Featured 8.28-9.3.17 | If she looks fashion forward, it's 'cause she is. As the founder of Caldwell Creative, Stacey Caldwell has built her career around helping both established and emerging designers navigate the somewhat insane worlds of sales, merchandising, e-commerce and the ever-important creative content creation. And she does it all with a whole lot of experience behind her: 15 years in the industry (she was the VP of Global Merchandising at Thakoon for eight of them) plus the fact that she spent her childhood dreaming of becoming a fashion designer (because, the travel!). And add to that her decades-long crush on Mick Jagger (c'mon - there's no one more fashion-y than Jagger) and her work as co-writer on the uber-hilarious fashion parody Where's Karl? (as in Lagerfeld) and what you have is a woman who knows what's what in the biz.
Welcome to Stacey's week.