The Select Guest



Featured 9.19-9.25 | When you look up the word "tastemaker" in the dictionary, there's a photo of Stacie Brockman (and her partner at Métier Creative, Erin Kleinberg. Don't worry, she's coming soon). They're also there when you look up "cool AF." And fun fact: Stacie is the sole reason you're even reading this right now. Seriously. The Select 7 needed a revamp, and Métier was the spark I needed. And while I admittedly fought her tooth and nail the entire way, it was impossible to argue with her razor-sharp instincts. As a writer, content creator and social media strategist, she's a true master of all things digital, and she has every single finger on the pulse of what's cool, what's going to be cool some day and what might never be cool again. She helped launch The Coveteur (look it up if you're not familiar) and today, at the age of 26 (yes, 26), runs Métier Creative, the creative agency (which she also co-founded, btw) that specializes in launching new brands, as well as re-branding and elevating existing brands (see why I needed her?). With a roster of clients that includes The Ouai, Dior and Tiffany & Co, she's the cool tour guide for this new frontier, and I for one believe she can single-handedly change the vernacular. Oh, and her selects really are cool. AF.  
Welcome to Stacie's week.