I'm all about supporting other SHE-E-O's and my friend, Julie Greenbaum is the most bad ass girl in the charity game. I’m not talking Dallas society types like the ones you see on Real Housewives. At 19 (yes, you read that right), Julie created F*ck Cancer with the goal of creating an organization to unify a generation of young adults who have been affected by the disease and raise funds towards cancer research. Starting as a 350-person party in Montreal, Canada, Fuck Cancer events quickly tripled in size, eventually spiraling into numerous events across North America as an outlet for young people to connect and unite in the fight against cancer. Since 2010, Fuck Cancer has raised over $2.5 million collectively toward research and digital solutions to prevent cancer. I’m eternally inspired by her! She’s been on everything from Forbes to Sophia Amoruso's GIRLBOSS Radio podcast. She’s managed to activate young millennials and our quick-to-spend, yet fleeting bank accounts by creating, F*CK CANCER - a charity that, in essence, let's you party (read: get black out drunk & twerk like you're Miley Cyrus circa 2015) with your best friends for a cause. I think everyone has been affected by cancer in some capacity, but losing my grandmother two years ago to brain cancer really made my connection with Julie's charity stronger. 

For each event, your ticket is a T-shirt with the words “F*CK CANCER” on it; each shirt color represents a different form of cancer (Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer, etc.) I love their forward-thinking mentality of tapping into “Gen-C” a.k.a. Generation Connected, who they classify as a generation defined by a behavior rather than a birthdate. I think their approach to make light of something serious, yet still have a level of seriousness makes it approachable and relatable.

And just a note about the photo above, because it's kind of a great story that is so apropos to this topic.
I have a tattoo that says "Love Me" for my Bubbie (grandmother) that I got the day after she passed away from brain cancer. I have almost every birthday card and note ever written from my Bubbie and she always used to sign them, "Love Zaidy and me" or simply, "Love me." Two weeks after being diagnosed with brain cancer, I had her write "Love me" 3 times on a piece of paper with the thought that I would get it secretly tatted on me after she inevitably passed away. It's a constant reminder she's always with me. My cousin and aunt actually got matching ones, too! The tattoo is also on the same wrist that I permanently  wear a white gold cuff, which I bought her in Israel. I had the bracelet engraved with the words "To the love the unites us" and "You are always with me, always in my heart." She gave the cuff back to me as a memento right before she passed to always keep her close by.