We redid our basement with awesome '70s wallpaper that's slightly fuzzy.  We also ordered damask wallpaper for some accent walls through the house.

We have a sheep's leather loveseat and two chairs (one of which is over 100 years old) from Primitive in Chicago. They are the first pieces of furniture we bought when we moved into our house. All of the pieces are unique, so ours are no longer available, but they are similar to this sofa and chair






We discovered a big vintage carousel chicken at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago. There's a huge stuffed Chewbacca (from Star Wars) riding on top. I'd say the combo kind of sets the tone for the house. The chicken is no longer available, but they have a pair of lions that I'm seriously considering.



And speaking of Star Wars ... we just redid our guest room in the basement and it's all Star Wars-themed. We have cool colorful 70s wallpaper patterned with "at ats" (big all terrain armored transporters from The Empire Strikes Back). There's a leather bed from CB2 and some with fuzzy dark blue carpet from Exceed Flooring that reminds me of a galaxy sky.