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Gramercy Park Hotel
2 Lexington Ave, New York City
+1 212 920 3300
I have started staying at the same hotel every time I visit New York City, which has let me get to know the neighborhood and make me feel more at home. Plus, the restaurant in the hotel, Maialino, is amazing (and also does their room service which is a great perk).

The Turtle Inn in Belize
This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It's a small and intimate hotel right on the beach. The food in the restaurants on the property are amazing and they even put cookies in your room! A must visit for sure. 

Delta Shuttle
The EASIEST way to travel from Chicago to NYC. Plus you get free drinks. 

When I was in China doing research for Duck Duck Goat, I visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. I love pandas and this place has so many.  We were in China to eat, but taking some time to go see the pandas was so worth it. I only wish I was only able to hug one of them.

Taronga Zoo Sydney
Here you can have actual animal encounters — pet the kangaroos, hold a wombat, feed a giraffe. It’s awesome!

stephanie's Travel Essentials

Travel Blanket
I’m usually cold on the airplane and it seems like the airlines only offer blankets to guests in first class now.  I bring my own so I’m able to take a cozy nap en route to my next destination. 

Same thing as the blanket, especially if I’m travelling someplace warm and wearing flip flops on the plane.  I like to bring the super fuzzy socks.

A must! I love grabbing string cheese or pretzels and little packs of cheese.  Kind Bars are also perfect for holding me over during the flight. Being hungry on a plane is the worst. 

I love reading my food magazines on the plane.  Food & Wine, Saveur and Bon Appetit.  I’ll also pick up a People or something that’s just about gossip so I can pass the time easily.