The Select Guest



Featured 10.3-10.9 | Critically acclaimed actress? Check. World traveler? Check. Committed and passionate activist for women, children and education? Check, check, check. Knockout beauty? Yep, that, too. By now I'm sure you get the picture: I have a girl crush on Stephanie March. Let me start by saying that I have always been a fan. Law & Order is life, and her portrayal of Alex Cabot was true genius. And then, by some crazy fate, I got to meet her. And she's even better in person. Smart, articulate, self-deprecating in only the most charming way, and so genuine it's almost hard to believe. Her philanthropic endeavors are so far reaching and deep they inspire and motivate, and her wanderlust makes me want to pack a bag, jump on a plane and really see the world. The WHOLE world.  One minute with her, and it's clear that you want her in your life. So it goes without saying that her selects are something we should all take very seriously. Welcome to Stephanie's week.