I dedicate a pretty serious amount of time (and travel) to philanthropy. I have been so very lucky in this lifetime and I have  responsibility to practice mindfulness around that and to give back. There are three organizations that are near and dear to my heart. The first is OneKid OneWorld and it is with them I first traveled abroad in a charitable capacity. OKOW refurbishes schools in the developing world (primarily Kenya and Central America) and gives them a chance to survive and thrive. Education is the only silver bullet in philanthropy. No one has ever suffered from receiving an education. No one. 

The second group I work with is called World of Children Award and I have been bouncing around the planet with them for eight years. WOCA gives grant money to change makers all over the world who devote their lives to helping children in need, building clinics in remote countryside, rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking, establishing schools for the disabled ... the list is incredible. I am humbled (and proud) to say WOCA is honoring me this year at their annual gala in October. I honestly cannot believe I get to stand side by side with these innovative, remarkable, heroic people. 

And this list would not be complete without Planned Parenthood. My great-grandmother, Ruby Webster March, co-founded the clinic that went on to become Planned Parenthood of West Texas and I could not be more proud to have such a legacy in my family. My travel abroad has consistently and emphatically reinforced the need for women to have access to medical care and family planning no matter where they reside.