I try to keep up with current events by reading the paper every other day and tackling the Sunday NYTimes with gusto. But honestly, I have read the news in print. I just do not enjoy reading it online. That is how I like my current events. When it comes to fashion, food or lifestyle, however, online is best. One of my absolute favorite sites is The New Potato. Laura and Danielle Kosann have created a beautifully curated, super enjoyable, gorgeous site — one that has a real perspective and a sense of humor!

My friend, Laura Benanti, is a shockingly talented lady but what I love most about her public persona is her instagram account. She's damn funny.

I would be lying if I said I didn't look at cute cat videos online. I am a cat lady. There. It's out. I love my TacoCat's instagram

One of my absolute favorite instagram accounts is @paridust. Pari creates stunning images using make-up, fashion and fine art, and her re-interpretation of the "selfie" is absolutely gorgeous. 

The Tesla Summon feature is unbelievably, crazy cool. I have watched a car back out of a garage, pull up in front of me, and stop to let me in, all while being controlled remotely from a iPhone. #thefutureishere